Portfolio Website

  • (The website you're currently on). Site is built using Flask, a Python microframework designed to get sites up running fast
  • Future plans include Javascript animations and a contact form. Developed using Google Chrome dev tools and Atom text editor

Blackjack Card Game

  • Completed for Human-Computer Interface Design course; developed in Java using Eclipse IDE
  • As programming lead, responsibilities included coding program and assigning features to be implemented by other team members; served as a mentor for team members who ran into coding or debugging issues
  • Research on user interface experience was performed with test subjects; test subjects played game and observations were recorded; observational and numerical data was recorded from test subjects and used in statistical analysis.


  • Completed for Application Development course. Developed in Java using Eclipse IDE
  • Work involved team of four and included planning of application through use case diagrams and UML diagrams, organizing implementation by delegating specific features to be implemented by individual team members
  • Collaborative teamwork through in-person and online communication as well as using version control

Awards & Certifications

Pacific Ambassador Leadership Award

New Student and Family Programs - April 2018

The recipient of this award is nominated and voted upon by New Student and Family Programs professional staff for showing dedication, ambition, and leadership within the program

Dean's Honor Roll / Dean's List

University of the Pacific - Fall 2015 to May 2018

Awarded to a student who had a GPA of 3.50 / 3.75 respectively or greater in the previous semester. Demonstrates a strong commitment to academics.

Most Influential Pacific Ambassador Award

New Student and Family Programs - May 2017

Selected by the managers of the Pacific Ambassadors team, this award goes to a Pacific Ambassador that has gone above and beyond the regular duties of an Ambassador and has had a positive influence on the Ambassador program as a whole

Outstanding Freshman Award

MESA Engineering Program - April 2016

Awarded to a student that has shown great dedication to their studies and MEP in their first year at University of the Pacific. This student has given a great impression to MEP and has begun their undergraduate career on a high note. I was the first recipient of this award